Affiliate Marketing is also known as paid marketing, sales marketing, and referral marketing. In this type of collaboration, a person can direct their contacts to the PishroPardakht online store by placing an advertisement for PishroPardakht advertising on their website, blog, Instagram and Telegram channels, applications or other social networks. Purchasing the product by the audience on the PishroPardakht website will receive a sales cooperation commission.

Collaboration process

Create an account on the website
Request cooperation via email to receive the link
Provide a dedicated link to the colleague by PishroPardakht
Put specific links and advertising content on social networks, websites or blogs
Purchase by the customer and confirmation of the order by the website
Receive consolidated sales commissions periodically

For cooperation or more information, you can contact us via job@PishroPardakht, so that additional information can be shared with you. If you have a channel, website, page, blog, and other usable infrastructure, please enter the address in the email text along with your contact number.

The benefits of collaborative marketing

PishroPardakht is responsible for providing card support products and services.
You don’t need a lot of capital to start an independent business, having a virtual page, website, blog is enough.
You can achieve significant rewards and revenue by spending the least amount of time and energy.
You don’t need a regular schedule, you can work around the clock and make money.

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