Terms and conditions

To convert WebMoney inventory, you have to go through your user panel on the pishropardakht site from the ticket section; Inform the amount you intend to cash. After registration, your request will be reviewed by the experts of the department, the rate and address of the wallet will be announced, and when you deposit the money, a receipt will be required. After depositing the amount, 1 to 3 working days will be settled with you in Rials.

When transferring, be sure to enter exactly the phrase said by the experts for explanation (Note, Description, Comment or Transfer Details), otherwise it will not be possible to settle in Rials.

Send normally and do not enter a separate security code.

After registration, your application will be reviewed by our partners and if the transfer is approved, after 1 to 3 working days, the equivalent in Rials will be credited to your bank account that you have registered in the accounting department. If you have not yet registered your bank account information in the system, go to the Authentication-Bank Account Registration menu and submit the required information.

Please contact our sponsors after submitting your request to follow up your request through the ticket section.

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