Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as CSR in today’s world of written and spoken economics and management literature, is a new category in business management and has been the subject of SUSTAINABLE Development over the past half century. And Green Business, or WebEconomie, is an analysis of current and future world economic trends.

In many developed and even developing countries such as Iran, the issue of respect for consumer rights is not only related to economic issues and seasonal and annual discounts on goods and services, but also the type of view of consumer rights, the quality of goods and services and Words like OFF appear on storefronts a little higher.

In fact, corporate social responsibility seeks to promote this important and fundamental concept in 21st century economics, which is not just the end buyers of goods and services who make a profit or loss from buying it. Rather, the range of shareholders and stakeholders is greater than the final buyers, and therefore, the issue of the environment and society is also discussed.

In fact, the CSR debate generally focuses on how productive or service-oriented activities of economic enterprises, environmental advocates, community advocates, advocates of sustainable economies, advocates for equal rights for workers, advocates for human and animal rights are.

What is a CSR account?

The CCR account says:

If a company produces a product or service, these products are not as destructive to the environment.
How much an enterprise considers gender equality and equality among its employees in its organizational behavior.
How much a company has been able to produce or manage fewer environmental pollutants.
How much a company has been able to bring less noise pollution to its neighbors.
Has the goods or services produced by one company violated the rights of other human beings in other lands?
Has the product of a company’s business activity in the past year been associated with lower paper consumption?
How much has a company been able to put optimal management of gas, electricity and water consumption on its agenda?
Has the dividend paid to the shareholder violated the rights of the beneficiaries (people) or not?
Has the company been able to institutionalize a culture of ethics in its business?

These are just a few of the hundreds of questions CSR seeks to answer from senior executives of manufacturing and service companies around the world.

With CSR, you can better connect with your customers. Because the connection is through “good” work, it’s easier to do. CSR allows employees of a company to communicate more with each other and work together.

Social Responsibility PishroPardakht

PishroPardakht is a young but experienced, motivated and creative group that has been providing international financial services to hundreds of companies and thousands of people for many years. Social Responsibility (CSR) has been and is one of the main concerns of PishroPardakht in addition to fulfilling our intrinsic responsibilities. Including:

Waste Recycling: One of the foundations of our work in PishroPardakht is to produce the least waste in the process of offering services and products.
PishroPardakht: Gender equality is part of PishroPardakht’s social responsibility to ensure equal pay for men and women and to provide a work environment in which employees feel good and happy at work.
Charitable Activities: At PishroPardakht, we donate part of our proceeds to indirect contributions to charitable activities such as helping the School-Building Donors Association and cooperating in charitable activities across the country.
Green Business: In PishroPardakht, we consider ourselves committed to the principles and requirements of green business such as: optimizing energy consumption, reducing paper consumption and reducing fossil fuels in daily and weekly activities.
Staff Training: Managers and staff working at PishroPardakht are always training. We strongly believe that education is not a cost but an investment. Education and development enable employees to gain more skills in the sense that they can take on more responsibility and lead to career advancement.

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