Receive agency

In recent years, considering the potential market for foreign exchange payments, starting a business in Tehran and other cities of the country has become more attractive. With the approach of developing knowledge-based businesses in the country, PishroPardakht invites applicants to receive representation and activity in the field of foreign currency payments.

For this purpose, please send a request for representation of products and services via email. Also, in order to speed up the cooperation process, the following information should be mentioned in the email content.

* Required information in the text of the email request for cooperation:

Applicant’s details: last name, degree and field of study, mobile number, landline number, email address, city of residence
Brief description of the applicant’s records and activities
Specifications and features (if available)
Website: Website address, field of activity, average daily visits, Alexa rank
Physical facilities: office, shared space, …

Applicants for cooperation in the form of receiving the agency can send us their request via

    مشاوره تخصصی رایگان
    اطلاعات خود را وارد کنید همکاران ما در اولین فرصت با شما تماس میگیرند