Currency payments are one of the most important international issues, and our country is due to sanctions on access to various types of international payment cards, as well as the use of international banking and monetary services such as Visa and MasterCard, various gift cards. And … there are limitations. Gift cards are an active, valid and well-established collection in providing international payment tools and various types of Visa card cards, Visa cards, MasterCards, gift cards, etc.

Our collection services, issuing all kinds of MasterCard and Visa cards (physical and virtual), charging all kinds of credit cards, selling all kinds of gift cards, making all kinds of online currency payments, PayPal payment, consulting and guidance on all kinds of foreign currency payments and so on. Includes the same.

Our dream is that no one in Iran will feel that they do not have access to international banking and financial services due to sanctions and the resulting restrictions. Our dream is for Iranians to see PishroPardakht as an accessible and easy tool that will help them break sanctions. PishroPardakht is a young but experienced group that has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of people in international finance over the years. We are deeply saddened by the wide-ranging international sanctions and we are watching every moment to find new and safe holes to break the international sanctions.

We are always looking from east to west to open the loopholes that can lift sanctions. In a situation where the United States and Western countries have unjustly excluded Iran from international financial systems, we have always tried to provide access to modern world systems in Iran.

From PayPal sanctions to Visa and MasterCard sanctions and gift cards, the absence of Western Union and MoneyGram branches in Iran, Google’s cowardly sanctions against Iranian webmasters, we hate all of this and take steps to reconnect to international services. Let’s be.

Obviously, connecting domestic systems to international financial systems will greatly help the country’s currency.

How many programmers and designers work in Iran and can work remotely for foreign companies. But due to the lack of an integrated financial system, it is deprived of this income.

How many companies have struggled to meet some financial issues, such as paying $ 20 for a site subscription, and we have helped them to easily get around the problems.
We are very happy with the help we are giving to our compatriots and we are proud to reduce the burden of sanctions.

At every step, we become more determined than ever to lift sanctions.

PishroPardakht values have always been based on the following principles:

We consider ourselves responsible for meeting the international financial and banking needs of our customers with the best quality.
Customer orientation and customer respect is the priority of our relationships with customers.
We value customer time and speed in decision making and service is at the forefront of our efforts.
We design and supply products based on customer needs and upgrade with their feedback.
We adhere to the confidentiality and security of customer information and consider it a principle.
We are committed to having the highest quality standards in customer service.
“Your trust is our capital” is the motto of PishroPardakht and we will do our best not to lose the trust of our customers.
Let’s be fair and serve our customers fairly.
Create a space that both he and the customer can enjoy.

Members of the PishroPardakht Team

We are proud to serve our country

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